domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

Still Dreaming? (English version)

I published this entry in Spanish (you can read it here), but now, thanks to my friend Céline, who was kind enough to help me with the translation, you can also read it in English.

She stretches her body, slim but voluptuous with soft curves ... She looks like a sweet kitten, and she half-opens her feline eyes just to verify what her hands have already felt when she touches the other side of the bed and doesn’t find anybody: she’s alone. The sun is about to come up and, with sleepy eyes, she stares at the blue figures of the alarm clock. It says 6:33. She smiles and stretches to snuggle again and try to go back to sleep for an hour, or at least, lulled by the early riser chirping of sparrows that greet from the street, to let her mind wander in that particular half-sleep in which part of the mind remains stuck in the dream world. She dreamed of... what was it?... She searches carefully into her memory the images that filled her brain just a few minutes ago. It's night… the fire lights up the beach... The memory is blurry, and her mind struggles to grasp the fleeting scenes that come to pieces, her body seems to remember, and she feels aroused... It's a dance... no!... it’s a wild dance... drums...? Various thoughts come to her mind, but she can’t find out the origin of that feeling. Her body moves at a wild rate...

She enjoys feeling over her almost naked skin a gentle breeze, that moves the curtains and the pages of the book on her bedside table. She tries to fix the breeze to her body, to make it stay with her during the day when the overwhelming heat will stop her from breathing and sprinkle her skin with sweat. Her hands touch other bodies, and various hands touch hers... Her left hand rests on the sharp curve of her waist, and playful, explores the surrounding area. She quenches the thirst with other mouths... Swaying, with still no memory, but encouraged and spurred on by signals emanating from her body, she twirls in the bed and starts to touch herself. Her body falls under the ecstasy and pleasure that other bodies give her… She slides her shorts and enjoys her nudity kissed by the breeze. Her left hand plays with her nipples, hard as stone, while her right hand covers the short distance that separates it from her sex, expectant and hungry for her soft touch...
Sweet About Me, ♫ Nothing Sweet About Me, ♪ Yeah! ♫
Sweet About Me, ♫ Nothing Sweet About Me, ♪ Yeah! ♫
Damn! Although it is better to wake up with the soft voice of Gabriella Cilmi instead of the nasty alarm beep, Charlotte goes mad and turns it off immediately, extending her arm unwillingly. She feels the temptation to continue with her sweet awakening. She lays still and thinks about it, reluctant to get out of bed... "Well," she tells herself, "next time, maybe!", and, leaving her hot wishes behind, she goes to the shower.

It's a catchy tune and she hums it while the water runs from her head to her toes and down the drain, taking with it all the heat that was dominating her just a few moments ago.

♪ If There's Lessons To Be Learned, I'd Rather ♫ Get My Jamming Words In First Oh ♪
♫ Tell Ya Something That I've F...

She suddenly stops, the water still flowing... "Oooooohhh, noooo!", she cries out loud and then starts laughing. The water falls in her mouth and gushes out while she laughs and laughs ... "Hahaha!... I can't believe it! Hahaha!... Today is Saturday! "...

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