viernes, 22 de agosto de 2008

Back To The Trench

Worst thing about vacation is that they finish some day and you have to return on whatever you used to do before leaving.

The day you get home after having been away for so many days, you need to organize things, wash clothes, buy some food, water plants and so. When I saw my plants they weren't looking good at all. I found them a little almost death,... except for my cactus. It's everlasting because it's made of braided cord and it's never given to me the slightest problem and it usually welcomes me with its arms up, as if it was waving its hands.

And… worst of all, unless you still have some free days left, sometimes you have to work the very next day. Apart from wealthy people, the common of mortals do need to work and the return to work is usually an awful and unpleasant feeling. Not very bad for me, because I have a great time with my workmates every day and like my job as well, but I'd rather be at bed a little more time every morning and not get up so early and only when I'm wide awake, use plenty of time to have a delicious breakfast and shake the laziness little by little… That would be wonderful! But I'm afraid I'll have to wait until Saturday for that.
Now, I'm going to start thinking about what to do with the free days I still have left. Any suggestions?

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